About Khaolak Laguna

Tell me more about Khaolak Laguna

If you have ever longed for the fascination of oriental civilization and nature, Khaolak Laguna is the place where the various Eastern arts, the nature of the Andaman sea and the greenery of the Khaolak-Lamru National Park combine.

Your first step here will be greeted with the warm Thai hospitality. Choose the alternative to suit your preference: At Similan Pearl Villa by the beach, a private place where you can be closest to the beach. At Oriental Villa you will be surrounded by the serenity of the tropical greenery.And at Delux Siam Chalet, you have a terrace with a view.

Khaolak Laguna is located in a convenient location. It is 80 km. to Phuket.

It takes 1 hr. drive from Phuket International Airport. Take a 5-minutes walk from the hotel and you will reach Khaolak Center, a community mall with shops, restaurants and souvenir shops.

What makes us special

  • Siam Chalet

    The Mantra of the Oriental Civilization

    The classic oriental art decoration gives you a touch to the depth of the Eastern civilization, The culture comes in a flawless combination with the beautiful nature.

  • Siam Chalet

    The Forestry Charm and the Oceanus Maya

    Khaolak Laguna’s uniqueness also lies in its location where you are surrounded by the beach, the ocean and the tropical forest, all at the same time. On the West or the hotel’s front are Khaolak Beach and the blue Andaman Ocean. On the East is the tropical rain forest of Khaolak-Lamru National Park.

  • Siam Chalet

    Spacious and comfortable room for your fully relaxing experience

    We decorated the hotel aiming to provide you with every minute of a relaxing experience, And thus all the rooms were designed to be spacious, sparse and airy with a porch or a terrace. All rooms are filled with full facilities.

  • Siam Chalet

    Feel the warm welcome with our homey hospitality

    Our hospitality policy is that all guests must be welcomed warmly and perfectly by the Thai homey tradition. So you would feel at home in the most relaxing exotic place.

  • Siam Chalet

    Feel the nature a the truly green hotel

    We care about the environment and so over 50% of the land are our tropical garden and grass field which give our guests fresh air as well as the enjoyment of the sight of the plants and the birds living naturally in the garden such as Myna and other local birds.

  • Siam Chalet

    Meet the team

    You will be greeted and served by all the staffs with the warm and friendly Thai hospitality from your first step to your last day of stay.